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Learn how to build and grow a movement using the web and social media with our Digital Activism training.

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Create a clear plan of action and execute it with confidence.

Clear the Fog

Stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure about using Facebook and Twitter.

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Lead a tribe of activists who will help you create the change you want to see.

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Live Classroom Training

If you’re a candidate for office or an activist leader, you’re probably looking for every advantage you can gain in order to get your message out and grow support for your cause. Social media has leveled the playing field like no other point in our history. If you don’t know how to harness its full potential, you’ll be ceding ground in the battle of ideas.

Are you confused or overwhelmed with social media? Are you unsure about how to design a successful strategy? Are you struggling to develop a reliable plan?

Jon DiPietro is a digital marketing expert, author of a book about social media, and co-founder of Candidate Boot Camp, an online learning platform that teaches local candidates how to run for office successfully. His Digital Activism training classes reveal the tools and proven strategies that digital marketing professionals use.


Hours of Instruction

Digital Activism:
Level One

This intro-level course covers all of the fundamentals and introduces strategies that will help you generate solid long-term results while avoiding short-term mistakes.

Module 1: Introduction

The training begins by helping you “get your mind right.” We’ll discuss why social media probably doesn’t work the way you think it does and present a particularly relevant case study. We’ll also discuss the Social Cycle, which is the crucial 4-step process required for success on social media.

Module 2: Facebook Essentials

We review all of the fundamentals including profiles, pages, groups, Facebook live, Messenger, events, and how the news feed works. We’ll also look at common mistakes that are more common than you think.

Module 3: Facebook Advertising

We make sure you understand all of the mechanics of Facebook advertising: page authorization, ad accounts, and tools like the Facebook pixel, custom audiences, etc. You’ll learn the anatomy of an ad campaign and be introduced to several effective campaign strategies.

Module 4: Twitter Essentials

We review all of the fundamentals and provide tactics to build your audience and walk you through creating an ad campaign.

Module 5: Content Essentials

This module will teach you how to create effective content for organic and paid campaigns. We’ll discuss persuasion techniques and tactics for copywriting and visual design.

Module 6: Digital Toolbox

We begin by covering some security best practices to protect your digital profile. Then we’ll demonstrate some recommended tools for management, content creation, automation, and research & aggregation.

Module 1: The Constituent Journey

Level Two begins with the Constituent Journey. We lay out the various stages a constituent needs to traverse in order to become a supporter to your cause. This is the foundation for the rest of the strategies and tactics in Level Two.

Module 2: Mastering Facebook

After reviewing some Level One material, we’ll delve into advanced topics like the Facebook pixel, custom audiences, ads manager, chatbots, analytics, and more.

Module 3: Facebook Campaigns

This session is a step-by-step walkthrough of the creation of five Facebook advertising campaigns utilizing different objectives and optimization approaches.

Module 4: Mastering Twitter

Similar to Facebook, we’ll cover the ad manager and walk through creating three different types of campaigns.

Module 5: Mastering Content

We take a deeper dive into persuasion techniques and tips for creating engaging online content, including photography and videography.

Module 6: Master Class

The final class in the series is a review of the strategy blueprint followed by a hands-on group exercise where you’ll build an issue campaign from start to finish.

Digital Activism:
Level Two

Build on the strategies and techniques presented in Level One to take your skills to the next level. You’ll learn how to apply the theory and best practices using hands-on examples.

What People Are Saying

Lots of useful information & helpful tips.

Training was well done and focused on resources readily available without the need for large sums of funding to support the online programs and apps.

Very useful information from an expert!

It went into detail explaining how to use ads effectively to target a particular audience to get the most efficient use of your money.

The training was fast-paced, relevant, topical and well presented.

Jon’s expertise in this area is obvious.

Jon knows his stuff!

Easy to follow information and examples. Very hands on and good breakdown of what works.

What I liked most were all of Jon’s varieties of details to wring out the last erg of vaulted value invested in the time you spent getting going.

Training Schedule

Jan 2019 – Level One makeup classes
Feb – Mar 2019 – Level Two
Apr – May 2019 – Level One

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