Auto Care Plus

The Challenge

Auto Care Plus had a considerable Google AdWords budget, but wasn’t sure how effective that spend was. They had outsourced the account management but were not happy with the level of service, accountability, or results. Additionally, the website was not particularly user-friendly and it was very difficult for them to maintain their used-car inventory.

The Solution

Liberty Digital took over management of their Google AdWords account and after six months we quadrupled the number leads the campaigns were generating. After redesigning the website and upgrading the landing pages the conversion rate improved by 200%, cutting the overall cost-per-lead by 64%. Additionally, they are able to easily maintain their dynamic inventory of used cars.


Leads per Month


Cost per Lead


Conversion Rate

Massive Digital Marketing Boost

Marketing Strategy

We helped incorporate multiple online platforms (e.g. Facebook) into their strategy.


Website Redesign

We redesigned the website, improving the user experience and making it mobile-friendly.


Ad Campaign Management

We dramatically improved the performance of their Google AdWords campaigns.

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