NewVO Interiors

The Challenge

NewVO Interiors offers office design services to businesses. They needed a means to attract designers, architects, and business executives to their website. The existing website was difficult to use and not at all optimized for search engines. No other consultants they’d spoken with had a full grasp of their business goals.

The Solution

Liberty Digital had to upgrade the NewVO Interiors website in order to have the tools necessary to create functional landing pages, implement telephone call tracking, and integrate the web analytics required to properly track ad performance. We launched several Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns targeted at designers, architects, and executives. The result was an immediate uptick in interest and inquiries.

Business-to-Business Results

Marketing Strategy

We implemented several low-cost technologies to develop an automated, optimized lead generation system.


Website Redesign

Although not originally a website design project, we discovered the existing platform would not support the necessary technology stack. We successfully migrated, redesigned, and relaunched the website in 3 weeks.


Ad Campaign Management

We designed multi-channel ad campaigns targeting several different customer segments.

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