Apollo 11 LaunchWe’re excited to announce today that Domesticating IT has finalized joining Authentia as its new internet marketing and web development practice. These new offerings include the construction and implementation of internet marketing strategies and website design and development. According to Sun Tzu, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” We believe that explains why so many companies fail to get the results they want from inbound marketing and social media. They’re tactically focused and lacking sound strategy.

In addition to these strategic planning services, Authentia is also launching Inbound Campaigns: dedicated resources on a monthly basis that deliver consistent growth in online lead generation for businesses. Sun Tzu also said that “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.” A great plan won’t generate traffic or leads unless there is consistent, focused, managed execution. That’s exactly what Inbound Campaigns are designed to do.

How and Why

Authentia builds top-line revenue ecosystems and has growing demand for the quality of social media marketing which Domesticating IT has demonstrated for several years.  Moving the needle in organic revenue growth must now include a strategic inbound marketing component. We think Jon DiPietro, now heading this practice, has the thought leadership our clients demand.

From Domesticating IT’s perspective, strong growth in 2013 brought the business to a crossroads. Either Jon was going to have to turn away business or else find a way to expand. It just so happened that the team at Authentia had the right skills and resources to make it happen. “It was getting harder and harder for me to squeeze in all of the things I wanted to do for my clients and that wasn’t acceptable to me. I’m very happy now that with these additional resources, I’ll be able to increase both the quality and quantity of services I can offer them.”

Under the terms of this agreement, Domesticating IT’s client base will benefit from Authentia’s team of web designers, graphic designers, copywriters and other skilled professionals. We look forward to welcoming past and present clients in addition to meeting new ones!