The Finely Tuned Sales and Marketing MachineLet’s face it. It’s hard to have a highly evolved digital marketing strategy when the goal posts get moved all of the time. Nevertheless, staying competitive requires that organizations be nimble and ever more sophisticated in their marketing approaches.

Effective digital marketing is highly dependent on implementing the right strategies for your organization. And growing your lead generation and sales conversions requires scalability and efficiency. The best way to achieve all of this is by aligning the right technologies with the well-designed business processes.

According to a recent CMO Council survey, 9 out of 10 companies say that they don’t have a “highly evolved” digital marketing strategy. They’re struggling to maximize capability, scalability, and efficiency. Companies that are either early stage or plateaued in their growth usually lack capability. Companies that are growing and expanding usually lack efficiency and scalability.

This presentation examines the common challenges faced by organizations with regard to sales and marketing technology and business alignment. It also presents a framework for best practices and a methodology for performing a capabilities inventory to identify business process gaps and weakest links.

You can view the presentation below or click here to download The Finely Tuned Sales and Marketing Machine.